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Every business challenge is unique. In this ever changing world, you need IT solutions that are custom and flexible, that can be quickly adapted to meet the needs of your business.

We make technology work for you, not the other way around.

Chronic Care Management Tracking


ICN Ventures is proud to provide a customizable solution to small and medium sized medical practices to help with Chronic Care Management. ccm:trak meets or exceeds HIPAA standards and provides tracking and reporting of care efforts for patients who qualify for CCM. ccm:trak is the most flexible, easy-to-use and affordable CCM solution on the market today. Come collaborate with us!

The word is out--doctors and clinical staff are raving about how simple and easy ccm:trak is to incorporate in a practice and track CCM patient care. Call or email us today for a free demo.

ICN Ventures is pleased to announce the release of ccm:trak 2.1!

Finally...the ability to create, print, sign off and make changes to care plans in real-time.   The first question we get after every demo of ccm:trak is: "Do you have anything that can help with care plans?" And now the answer is yes!

Our brand new ccm:trak Care Plan Generator guides you through creating a comprehensive CCM care plan that meets all industry recommendations and guidelines.

And, best news yet, it's included standard with ccm:trak at no additional charge, or a free upgrade with your existing ccm:trak account.

ccm:trak ccm:trak ccm:trak ccm:trak

Event Registration/Management


Fundracers.org is an online event management, registration and reporting system, customized to the unique needs of this company that organizes and hosts 5K fundraising races for worthy causes around the metro-Atlanta area.

This technology can easily be customized to meet your event and registration needs, for a fraction of the price your "one size fits all solution" is charging you!

Volunteer Registration/Event Management


Meals By Grace's "one size fits all solution" for volunteer registration and donations wasn't doing the job, but was painfully tugging on their wallet every month. ICN Ventures stepped in and designed a customized registration system for a fraction of the cost, and setup a new online donation system that cut transaction fees. Now more money can go where it needs to go: to help those they serve!

This technology can easily be customized to meet your registration and donation management, for a fraction of the price your "one size fits all solution" is charging you!

Responsive Site Design/Development


No matter your business, hobby or ministry, we can get a custom, responsive site up and running for you in short order! Your site optimized to look great on any device--desktop, laptop, IPad or mobile.

Resolutions Counseling of West Virginia fumbled around with a mediocre WordPress site for a couple of years, until somebody logged in, deleted the home page and couldn't get it back. ICN Ventures to the rescue! We jumped in, pulled down all their content, and had them a brand new, custom website up and running by lunchtime the next day, including pulling in their Tumblr blog entries automatically.

Now, we can't do everything that fast, but we can get you where you need to go fast, easy and affordably.

Medicaid Claims Management/Processing


Kimsey Enterprises needed a custom solution to process Medicaid claims for school systems that do therapy for special needs students. ICN Ventures went to bat to not only build an easy-to-use, interactive online system for therapists, but a robust back-end system to automatically produce and send claims to Georgia Medicaid for reimbursement to the school systems. A state-of-the-art reporting system allows clinicians and administrators the ability to prepare for audits and to track the success of their in-school therapy services.

This technology can easily be customized to process other types of Medicaid claims, or to track services provided by caretakers, clinicians, nurses or other service providers.

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