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Every business challenge is unique. In this ever changing world, you need IT solutions that are custom and flexible, that can be quickly adapted to meet the needs of your business.

We make technology work for you, not the other way around.

Insights & Answers

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Our Products and Business Cases

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Chronic Care Management Tracking

ccm:trak outpaces EHR vendors' efforts at CCM tracking with an intuitive, practical, efficient web-based system.

Event Registration and Management

ICN Ventures was honored to partner with the Athens Convention and Visitor's Business in 2019 to transition them a new, custom registration system.

Event Registration and Management

5K fundraising events are more popular than ever and there are a number of registration sites out there, but nothing as new, fresh and easy-to-use as the one we put together for Lawrenceville-based FundRacers LLC.

Automating a 25-year-old Manual Process

When SWAT Ministries in Athens needed technology to do more so their people could do more ministry, we stepped in to automate a manual process that had been evolving for two and a half decades.

Student Assessments and Connections

It was time for PLACE Ministries to bring their vast array of tools and experience to college students in an engaging and intuitive way. We stepped in to not only make that happen, but take it to a whole new level.

Adding a Mobile App to Stay Competitive

PLACE Ministries was ready to make their assessment tools available through a mobile app. And who better for the task than the people who had just their site to a new level.

Online Store and Brand Promotion

Branding and getting set up to sell a new and unique type of cigar online was enough work on its own for the Pull Group. Good thing we could take care of setting up and maintaining their online presence while things got off the ground.

Truly Forged In Fire

If you've ever seen the History Channel series "Forged In Fire", you may have seen Caleb Ledford. He has competed on two episodes so far, while working to get his popular knife-making classes off the ground.

Interfacing Legacy Systems

What happens when two companies merge and both have legacy systems developed 20+ years ago that need to talk to each other? They just asked us and we made it happen.

Ministry Volunteer Management

Fill Ministries had hungry kids to feed and whole army of volunteers to organize, track and communicate with. Throw out all the off-the-shelf options. We built online and back-end tools as unique as their ministry model.

Responsive Website Development

A lot of companies jumped on the We-need-a-website bandwagon many, many years ago. Now having an online presence is a big deal, and our responsive solutions have them geared up and ready for the 2020's.
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